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September 2016

Opening Our Gifts At Different Times

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patronsEvery day is a new adventure at St. James Academy! Parents, grandparents, alumni, and teachers play a pivotal role in enhancing the programs and events of the school. Volunteers provide countless hours of talent and dedication to our children and the time that is given contributes to being part of a larger framework of life within our world.

The Patrons’ Association sponsors many memorable events for our community. Without our volunteers, these programs and events would not be possible. The relationships that are formed foster close and nurturing relationships amongst all parts of our school. The level of volunteerism from our community makes SJA such a special place.

If you are looking for an event or day to volunteer, visit our Volunteer Now page on the school’s website.

Academic Convocation

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On Wednesday morning, we gathered to celebrate the beginning of the school year with an Academic Convocation. This is a beautiful service where our 8th Grade students, lead by hand, our 1st Grade students into the Church. Each member of our Student Council has a role in the service, and our Student Council President addresses the students and faculty. The purpose of  Academic Convocation is not only to mark the beginning of the school year but also to mark the beginning of the journey each first grader takes through St. James Academy. We appreciate their individual gifts, we rejoice in their future expectations, and we celebrate this great first step into a lifelong adventure of learning. Please enjoy the video of the address by Student Council President, Jiana Stamas.