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February 2016

Spotlight on Coach Hopkins

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12717797_10208573471200240_4459063111093596425_nBernard Hopkins joined St. James Academy as a coach for the middle school boys’ basketball team. Coach Hopkins is a former professional basketball player, having played in Spain for 15 years where he was the high scorer and league champion. Before he was a professional athlete, Coach Hopkins played at Virginia Commonwealth University where he was named the Colonial Athletic Association’s tournament MVP and Player of the Year.

We asked Coach Hopkins to tell us more about his experience and interests.

What does the St. James Academy basketball program mean to you? “St. James Academy basketball program means a lot to me. Without knowing who Bernard Hopkins was, they gave me an opportunity to coach and mentor a group of amazing young men who truly wanted to play the game of basketball.”

What do you want the students to learn from you? “I want them to learn and understand that God should be first in everything they do and to always work hard. I hope I instill a greater sense of self-pride and elevate their belief in themselves.”

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time? “In my spare time I really enjoy reading, playing basketball, working out and traveling when I can.”

Who inspired you growing up? “My grandmother inspired me growing up. She worked really hard to raise and support her 7 children and me by herself.”

If you could meet one famous person who would it be and why? “I would love to meet Denzel Washington. He is one of my favorite actors of all time. It would be great to sit and talk to him and pick his brain.”

Tell us something about yourself that most people don’t know. “I was an incredible football player, an excellent tight end, in high school. I actually had NFL scouts pursuing me to come to tryouts for the Washington Redskins during my senior year of college and I had not played football since my senior year of high school.”

Spotlight on Halaina Basham ’15

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Education after SJA: St. Timothy’s School

a837d1a6-3ad2-45a3-be3b-aa5c0ec1aa18Favorite Memory from SJA:

“I actually have two favorite memories. Mr. Walsh gave us assigned seats when he first started and after a couple weeks let us move around.  I decided to keep my seat and when my friend Julia figured out I wanted the seat she  decided it would be hers. We spent the next two years trying to get that seat every single day, racing and sometimes even wrestling for it. I’m happy to say that my brother, Connor, has continued the Basham tradition and now sits in that same seat each day.

My second favorite memory was a project assigned in eighth grade Tech. We did a spoof of America’s Next Top Model and over the course of two weeks developed our own characters. It was amazing to watch our characters come to life, usually the very opposite of who we are each day. (I was a bubbly farm girl from Kansas who loved to dance…I don’t dance). It was during that project that I realized our classmates had become my family. Each time I watch that video I laugh out loud and while I miss those times, I treasure them as one of my greatest memories.” Read More