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January 2016

Spotlight on Mrs. Sloan-Robbins

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0504d6e9-001a-4ee5-9ec9-7d781ffd187dMrs. Sloan-Robbins earned her Masters in Art Education from the University of Texas. Prior to joining St. James Academy, she was in charge of running the education program for the Kids Acting Foundation in Austin.

What does St. James Academy mean to you? “St. James means a fun learning community and creative place for students to thrive. I love how everyone is given the opportunity to be creative, and it is all grounded in a very positive and supportive environment.”

What do you want the students to learn from you? “I want them to learn to think creatively and use their imagination. I would love for them to build their sense of design, have exposure to as many different art media, styles, and artists as possible, and get to know their own artistic voice.”

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time? “I’m a big foodie. I love to cook and try great restaurants. My three-year-old daughter also keeps me and my husband constantly entertained.” Read More

Turn Your Passion Into a Career

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By: Dr. Lucie Pentz

“ Turn your passion into a career” was the theme for our last Student Forum on January 4. Students gathered in the Susan Tucker Moore Auditorium to hear special speakers. This was special because both presenters were our own SJA students, Renae Stamas and Graham Preston. They took us on a journey from an initial interest to a passion that they are planning on pursuing in the future as their careers develop. They described finding the initial spark, which propelled them to learning, especially when encountering setbacks, which eventually led them to various opportunities. Our first speaker, Renae Stamas, discovered a love for sewing and fashion design at an early age and that prompted her to create her own blog (check out Renae’s blog resulted in an invitation to Fashion Week in NYC. She was followed by Graham Preston who described his journey from small steps in coding using Scratch and learning new computer languages to designing his own games and apps. You could sense the inspiration, excitement and soul searching (or should we say “passion searching”?) in the air as students attentively listened and asked intriguing questions during the Q and A time. Read More