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February 2015

Why We Chose St. James Academy

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By: Heather Walsh
St. James Academy Parent

I believe learning should be an adventure.

Website_designthinkingMaybe I should blame it on my progressive liberal education, but I don’t believe you can measure a child by a multiple choice test — or help develop an appetite for knowledge with a gaggle of worksheets. When Patrick and I started to explore kindergarten options for the Bug, nothing would make my nerves rattle more than an information session full of don’ts, can’ts, rules, regulations, or a disproportionate amount of time putting academic rigor over problem solving and cultivating imagination.

I wanted to know about cans. I wanted to hear how the school would foster my child’s love of learning and encourage her creativity. Read More

Mrs. Wilson’s Fifth Grade Class

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Students in Mrs. Wilson’s Fifth grade class have been busy traveling back through time and exploring different historical events of the world. The different activities they have been engaged in are hands on and help the students foster creativity and exploration. The lessons are built to encourage students to think outside the box and work collaboratively. Recently, students have been busy preparing final projects for Fever 1793. Movie trailers, mosquito web quests, and becoming the editor of a 1700’s newspaper are several activities the students selected to work on.

Celebrating Volunteerism at SJA

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Parent volunteers at St. James AcademyParticipation by parents, teachers, grandparents, alumni, and alumni parents in many aspects of the school enhances each student’s sense of being part of a larger framework of life and the community. The Patrons’ Association provides countless hours of talent and dedication to our children, as well as sponsors memorable events for the community. Successful fund raising and friend raising provide supplemental equipment and programs, endowment growth, and child-oriented activities that might otherwise only be dreams. A cooperative partnership with parents creates close and nurturing relationships among all constituents of our school. Read More