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October 2014

Design Thinking

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By: Mrs. Buck
Fourth Grade Teacher

Design thinking trains students for a world of inspired, creative thought, practice and service. Students are asked to use their knowledge and skills in the pursuit of solutions to meaningful problems in their community. Through design thinking, students develop into empathetic learners who, with grit and resiliency, find creative solutions to meaningful problems. Social interaction and collaborative learning are experienced while students are immersed in a culture of trying, failing, learning, and trying again. Thus far, my fourth grade students have been presented with simplified projects in order to test their ability to work creatively and collaboratively by solving problems which are often contrived and whimsical. Read More

Celebrating Volunteerism

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Christmas Shoppe DinnerParticipation by parents, teachers, grandparents, alumni, and alumni parents enhances each student’s sense of being part of a larger framework of life and the community. The Patrons’ Association provides countless hours of talent and dedication to the children, as well as sponsors memorable events for the community. Successful fund raising and friend raising provide supplemental equipment and programs, endowment growth, and child-oriented activities that might otherwise only be dreams. A cooperative partnership with parents creates close and nurturing relationships among all constituents of our school. Read More

Spotlight on Mrs. Nancy Dewlin

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Nancy Dewlin Teacher at St. James Academy.Mrs. Dewlin has her Masters of Arts in Education from Goucher College and has taught for over the past twenty years. She has served as a Special Educator/ Resource Teacher in Baltimore, Carroll, and Harford counties.

Why did you want to become a teacher?
I always admired my teachers as I grew up, especially the ones that were patient, caring, and creative. I have always enjoyed helping others and wanted to share my patience, care, and creativity as a Special Educator / Resource Teacher! Read More