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September 2014

Faculty Fun Facts

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Denyese Fiero is a former graphic designer for Quizmo games that we use in the Kindergarten.

Amy Heffernan was a participant on the TV show “Romper Room” when she was younger.

Anne McAvoy has hiked in many National parks from as far north as Nova Scotia, to St Johns, in the Virgin Islands.

Gail Spacco’s daughter’s 10th Grade English teacher was Mr. Adler back in the 1990s. Read More

A Poem for Mrs. Fowler!

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By: Mrs. Bergland

For thirty-five years, I’ve heard them say,Director of Admission at St. James Academy

Mrs. Fowler has been with SJA.

Five year olds, she was to teach;

This innocent girl who loves the beach.

Just days before she was to begin,

The rain did fall and water rushed in.

In her classroom there was a flood.

The entire room was covered in mud.

They cleaned and mopped and rolled up sleeve.

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Student Council President, Halaina Basham

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St. James Academy Student CouncilWelcome. This is the first Student Council President blog for St. James Academy. I thought this might be a good idea to help our students and parents see what we do throughout the year.

Each May students in grades 3-8 elect the President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and Historian for the following school year. Then at the end of September each class votes and chooses a boy and a girl as their individual representatives to the Council. Read More

Academic Convocation

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On Wednesday morning, we gathered to celebrate the beginning of the school year with an Academic Convocation.  This is a beautiful service where our 8th Grade students, lead by hand, our 1st Grade students into the Church. Each member of our Student Council has a role in the service, and our Student Council President addresses the students and faculty.  The purpose of  Academic Convocation is not only to mark the beginning of the school year, but also to mark the beginning of the journey each first grader takes through St. James Academy. We appreciate their individual gifts, we rejoice in their future expectations, and we celebrate this great first step into a life-long adventure of learning.  Please enjoy the video of the address by Student Council President, Halaina Basham.