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January 2014

Experiments Galore!

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St. James Academy students working on science experiments.Learning is a lot of fun in my class. I am always trying to create new opportunities for the students to engage in their interests and learn more about the world! The Seventh Grade Earth Science class is currently studying the Earth’s atmosphere. This week, the students participated in a lab experiment that exposed two different materials to equal amounts of radiant light. Using 200ml of sand to represent the land and an equal volume of water to represent the ocean, students heated the two containers with a light bulb. Every minute they measured the temperature of each breaker and graphed the results. After fifteen minutes, the students shut off the light and measured how quickly each beaker lost heat. Read More

Mrs. Sullivan’s Fourth Grade Class!

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By: Mrs. Sullivan
Fourth Grade Teacher

We have sailed through January in fourth grade. It’s astounding how quickly the time passes when we are busy traveling back through time and exploring with different experiments!

Students have been engaged in reading “I Have a Dream” and learning about Martin Luther King Jr.’s life. We discussed the significance of Dr. King’s role in society and the meaning behind Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Our next journey will take us back in time to learn more about many other prominent civil rights activists who have affected our country.  Each student in the fourth grade will research an individual and prepare a timeline. Additionally, each student will make the choice of representing this person’s life by preparing a biography, collage, or diorama.

In addition to traveling back through time and learning about influential people of the world, students have been blogmsstudying the physical world.  There have been lab experiments and observations galore! Using water and ice, we observed the different states of matter, and how they changed over a short amount of time. Students were able to observe evaporation, condensation, and solidification. Read More

Mrs. Unkle’s First Grade Scientists

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By: Mrs. Unkle
First Grade Teacher

Though the majority of people are ready for warm weather, our class is excited about the cold! Wepost3 have become scientists who are currently researching the weather. Our  studies have taken us to new heights. Each day we venture outside to use our cloud finders to identify the types of clouds in the sky.  We will be using our information to learn how different types of precipitations form. Read More