Discover the benefits of a Preschool–8th Grade experience for your child. We’re a nurturing environment where families form lasting bonds and students develop lifelong values alongside real-world skills.

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Preschool–8th Grade

Experience a Rewarding Educational Journey

St. James Academy’s Preschool through Grade 8 model allows us to commit ourselves fully to providing a nurturing environment designed for young learners. Our curriculum transforms students’ innate preschool-aged curiosity into middle school confidence and a lifelong love of learning. Nestled on 89 beautiful acres outside of Baltimore, Maryland, students have the freedom and support they need to thrive.

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Preparing for Excellence

The rigorous and well-rounded school experience at St. James Academy prepares students for their next steps. Our alumni have gone on to attend prestigious high schools, colleges, and universities all over the nation. The Class of 2022 has accomplished so much, with 74 high school acceptances and more than 29 merit scholarships and awards.

Become A Part Of Our

Passionate School Community

We’re honored to play such an important role in your child’s life and education during these incredibly formative years. By striking a balance between creative exploration and academic rigor, our well-rounded education develops confidence and resilience so that every child may find their spark.

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Connections That Last

Beyond the Classroom

Many of our Foxhound alumni stay connected to our school community—and to each other—throughout high school and beyond.

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Take a 360° tour of our expansive grounds at St. James Academy. Every aspect of our school environment was carefully selected to spark the imagination and inspire new growth.

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Stay up to date with what’s happening at St. James Academy with our online calendar. From athletics, to upcoming admission events the information you need can be found here.

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