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Our graduates have been accepted by hundreds of prestigious high schools, colleges and universities across the country

98% of our eighth graders are accepted into their first choice high school

Welcome From Charlotte Riggs, Head of School!

It is my pleasure to welcome you to St. James Academy. Our school is dedicated to bringing young children into their educational journey, teaching and guiding them as they grow in confidence and ability, and preparing them for secondary and higher education. The foundations our students develop at St. James will unfold over a lifetime. Small by choice and mission, St. James provides each student with a child-centered and individualized academic experience.

Our young students are guided by talented and experienced teachers who masterfully bring our students’ strengths and talents to the forefront. As a result, each child grows intellectually, socially, and emotionally throughout his or her experience. Small class sizes allow us to nurture, develop, and know each child. Our strong academic program is structured to meet the needs of children at each stage of their development. In other words, we help our students learn to read, and then to read well; we encourage their ability to learn the “languages” of math and science, to develop as writers, and to become artists and explorers. In Grades Six, Seven and Eight, our students pursue the rigorous and prestigious International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme, a curriculum that serves them well as they prepare for academically demanding high school programs in public, private and parochial high schools.

Treating each other with courtesy and generosity are hallmarks at St. James Academy. Here at St. James, we are invested in developing traits that may seem “old-fashioned.” But we deeply believe that children must learn and model essential social skills that include civility, manners, and kindness above all else. We believe that a St. James student should be bright, capable, forthright, confident and courteous. You have many compelling choices for your child’s education. Visit St. James and see what a wonderful experience we can offer to your child and to your family.

– Charlotte Riggs, Head of School


The St. James theatre program has been a vital part of my son, Joey’s life. I believe he found his inspiration and enthusiasm watching the middle school plays as a lower school student. He observed how much fun the cast would have on stage along with the camaraderie between them. These performances are simply amazing!

Christie Grant, SJA Parent

Our Campus

St. James Academy is set along 89 acres of rolling hills in Monkton, MD

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17 hours ago

St. James Academy, Monkton MD

Dr. Pentz grew up in former Czechoslovakia and shared her family's Christmas traditions with the first grade. The students had a great time reading their fortunes and loved learning why people keep live carp in their bathtub before Christmas. #SJAexperince ... See MoreSee Less

Dr. Pentz grew up in former Czechoslovakia and shared her familys Christmas traditions with the first grade. The students had a great time reading their fortunes and loved learning why people keep live carp in their bathtub before Christmas. #SJAexperinceImage attachment

2 days ago

St. James Academy, Monkton MD

Ask our 4th graders about simple machines! Each student was challenged to design and build their own machine. They presented them to their classmates and shared them with their PreK Buddies. #SJAexperience #findyourspark ... See MoreSee Less

6 days ago

St. James Academy, Monkton MD

The Middle School Winter Concert helped put everyone in the holiday spirit! The SJA Chorus, Band, Advanced Band and Forte put together an amazing program. #SJAexperience #findyourspark ... See MoreSee Less


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These pictures are great!!!

That was the best SJA concert ever! Well done music department and students!